B R E I T L I N G s   R O S T O C K

Since 1986 the group BREITLINGs from Rostock has devoted themselves to the interpretation of maritime songs. The group focuses exclusively on the traditional shanties (the work songs from the time of the windjammers) sung by men working at sea during a time when the battle against the harsh elements was part of an everyday struggle. This was the time of the elegant clippers and represents the perfection of sailing ship navigation and seafaring skills. Clippers were for decades the fastest sailing ships, setting many records in the pursuit of speed and cargo transportation. One of the most well known clippers from these times is probably the “Cutty Sark”. Most shanties originated from this era. One man who made an effort to save the interesting lyrics from fading into oblivion was Stan Hugill. The shanty man, who passed away in 1992, collected countless songs from all over the world during the times when he was actively involved in seafaring. He united the lyrics in his book “Songs And Ballads Of The Seas”. The majority of BREITLINGs repertoire derives from the works of Stan Hugill. Therefore most songs are sung in English, the language of seamen, but some are also sung in German, Russian, Low German, French and Flemish. Along with walkaway- and capstan-shanties, which were sung when the seamen made sail or weighed anchor, the group also performs pump-shanties, melancholy homeward-bound-shanties, ballads about whaling, and traditional fishing songs from home. Nowadays Christmas songs are also presented in a couple of concerts around Rostock.
Especially evocative are the titles sung acapella (without instruments), where one can almost feel the ocean breeze, sense the yearning for home, and the hard work. Banjo, tin-whistle, accordion, drum, guitar, trombone and bag pipe contribute to the diversity of BREITLINGs programme. The group has delighted audiences at their numerous concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Sweden, Denmark and in many different parts of Germany. BREITLINGs is living folklore, and within the broad spectrum of maritime music their characteristic performances can claim to be unique in Germany.

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“Siggi” Weber is known as the “Shanty Man” as well as being the bandleader of the group BREITLINGs.